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本文摘要:Apple could be testing a technology called Li-Fi, according to code found within iOS 9.1.根据从iOS 9.1系统中找到的代码来辨别,苹果公司有可能正在测试一种取名为LiFi的新技术。


Apple could be testing a technology called Li-Fi, according to code found within iOS 9.1.根据从iOS 9.1系统中找到的代码来辨别,苹果公司有可能正在测试一种取名为LiFi的新技术。Li-Fi was invented by Harald Haas, a researcher at Edinburgh University, and has since been worked on by a number of companies.LiFi技术是由爱丁堡大学的研究员Harald Haas发明者的,现在早已被多家公司所使用。The technology is around 100 times faster than Wi-Fi — with speeds of around 224 gigabits per second — because it uses the light spectrum to transmit data.这项技术的传输速度比WiFi慢100倍,可以超过每秒224GB,这主要是因为它用于了光谱来传输数据。


Its unclear how Apple intends to use the technology or whether it will make it into the rumoured iPhone 7.目前还不确切苹果将如何用于这项技术或者否不会将该技术应用于iPhone 7中。There is currently no technology on the market that uses Li-Fi, so there is little to compare it to. However, one use could be talking to other devices within the same room, such as the Apple TV. The high data speeds mean a film could be sent from an iPhone to the TV within seconds, ready to stream. (This is just speculation, though — its still early days for the technology.)现在市面上还没用于LiFi的技术,因此不不存在可比性。其中一种应用于方案是在同一房间内的设备间通讯比如iPhone与Apple TV之间的通讯。

它的高速数据传输能力意味著将一部影片从iPhone传输到电视有可能只要几秒钟就行了。(这只是人们的一种猜测,这项技术还正处于早期研发阶段。)Apple filed for a patent in 2013 that talked about an optical modulation using an image sensor that used the iPhones camera to transmit data via light, a technology that could be used with Li-Fi.苹果在2013年递交了一份专利申请,牵涉到到“一种用于图像感应器的光模块”,它可以利用iPhone的摄像头通过光来传输数据,这种技术有可能中用了LiFi技术。



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