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本文摘要:Before the discovery of DNA profiling in the 1980s, fingerprints were the easiest way to solve serious crimes.在上世纪80年代DNA分析技术问世之前,指纹是密码根本性刑事案件最更容易的方法。


Before the discovery of DNA profiling in the 1980s, fingerprints were the easiest way to solve serious crimes.在上世纪80年代DNA分析技术问世之前,指纹是密码根本性刑事案件最更容易的方法。It’s believed that of the 7 billion or so people on Earth, each one of us has our own unique fingerprints.人们坚信,在地球大约70亿的人口中,每个人的指纹都独一无二。

But did you know that our fingerprints could actually reveal a lot more about us than just our identity?但你告诉吗?除了我们的身份,指纹只不过还可以透漏更加多信息。According to Melanie Bailey of The Conversation, fingerprints can indicate lifestyle and environment, eating habits, possible medical problems and even the job of a person.《对话》网站的梅兰妮·贝利指出,指纹可以反映一个人的生活方式、所处环境、饮食习惯、潜在的身体健康问题甚至职业。So how can we figure all this out from just a simple fingerprint?所以我们如何从一枚小小的指纹中得知这一切呢?Well, a fingerprint is formed when a finger makes contact with a surface. Most fingerprints are invisible to the naked eye and require a chemical development process in order to make them visible. Stuck between the ridges of a fingerprint, however, are substances that can tell a story about who we are. Things like traces of sweat, blood, and food reveal a lot of information about us – what we’ve touched, what we’ve eaten and even what drugs we’ve taken.当手指和物体表面认识时,指纹就构成了。大多数的指纹都并非肉眼可见,必须经过化学底片处置来让它们“现形”。


而在指纹突起的纹路之间就隐蔽着包括我们信息的物质。汗渍、血液以及食物的痕迹透漏了许多关于我们的信息 —— 看起来认识了什么、不吃了些什么、甚至是不吃了什么药。

At the moment, the technique used to detect these substances is mostly used in crime detection, but its application could be much wider, according to Bailey, who lectures in chemistry at the University of Surrey in the UK. For example, she and her fellow researchers were able to tell what medicines people were taking from their fingerprints, which may be of great help in the future to doctors treating their patients.兼任英国萨里大学化学讲师的贝利回应,现今,检测这些物质的技术大多用作刑侦,但其应用于可以更加普遍。例如,她和科研同事们需要通过指纹辨别人们服用的药物,这点也许将来在医生化疗病患时能派上大用场。

A fingerprint check may also be able to tell a doctor whether a patient is properly absorbing a drug they’ve been prescribed. In the treatment of some of the most serious illnesses, it’s vital that the body is taking in these medicines. As Scientific American noted, this is particularly important for patients undergoing treatment for cardiac conditions and psychosis, as these people might struggle to absorb the drugs or forget or choose not to take them.指纹检验也许还能告诉他医生病患否能充份吸取所开的处方药。在化疗某些尤为相当严重的疾病时,人体对这些药物的吸取至关重要。正如《科学美国人》杂志所认为的那样,这点对心脏病病人和精神病人而言尤为重要,因为这些病人也许无法吸取药物,或者记得甚至自由选择不服药。

And while it’s commonly believed that our fingerprints never change, in fact, they do – and the way they change can provide a lot of very useful information. In the future, fingerprint science won’t be restricted to the crime lab but could help doctors keep us in the best possible health.而尽管人们普遍认为指纹总有一天会逆,但实质上,指纹的确不会转变 —— 而它们转变的方式也能获取大量简单的信息。在将来,指纹科学并会局限于犯罪实验室,还能助医生一臂之力,让我们尽量地维持身体健康。



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