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本文摘要:A Chinese hospital announced on Tuesday that doctors have recreated a breast for a cancer patient using 4D printing.星期二,中国一家医院声称,医生用4D打印机技术为一位乳腺癌患者展开了乳房修复。


A Chinese hospital announced on Tuesday that doctors have recreated a breast for a cancer patient using 4D printing.星期二,中国一家医院声称,医生用4D打印机技术为一位乳腺癌患者展开了乳房修复。The surgery was performed on August 8, 2016, and the printed breast has grown well with the patients own tissue, said Ling Rui, a vascular surgery doctor with Xijing Hospital of the Fourth Military Medical University in Xian, Shaanxi Province.陕西西安第四军医大学西京医院的血管外科医生凌瑞回应,该手术是在2016年8月8日展开的,打印机的乳房在病人的的组织上生长较好。The patient underwent a mastectomy for her left breast last year, before having the surgery.去年在展开这一手术之前,这位病人展开了左侧乳房手术手术。Compared with three-dimensional printing, 4D printing adds time as another dimension, said Ling.凌医生回应,“与三维打印机比起,4D打印机重新加入了时间维度。



”Doctors collected data on the size of her tumor and original breast, and reconstructed a bio-degradable breast.医生搜集了病人肿瘤和原乳房的尺寸等数据,然后用生物可降解材料展开了乳房修复。The implant was developed by the hospital with a national lab of Xian Jiaotong University.该植入技术是由西京医院与西安交通大学的一个国家实验室联合研制的。It is sufficiently strong, and will degrade in designed period of time, which is in the patients case one to two years, said Zhang Juliang, an assistant professor in Xijing Hospital who participated in the surgery.西京医院参予该手术的助理教授张聚良回应,“修复的乳房很强壮,而且在原作的时间内就不会水解,对于这位病人,水解将必须一到两年的时间。

”Its porous nature allows human tissue to grow into the implant and ultimately replace it, Zhang said.材料的可渗透性使人体的组织可以在植入体中生长,最后替代该植入体,张教授说。In the ten months since the surgery, the implant has grown well, and the patients veins and tissue have started to grow back, Ling said.“自手术起十个月之后,植入体生长较好,而且病人的血管和的组织开始新的宽出来了,”凌医生说。Compared to existing methods of breast reconstruction, the method has fewer side-effects, Ling said.凌医生回应,与现存的乳房重建术比起,这种方法的副作用更加小。



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