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本文摘要:The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine won by pharmacist Tu Youyou will help boost the development of traditional Chinese medicines, according to a senior health official.卫生部一位高级官员回应,药剂师屠呦呦取得诺贝尔生理或医学奖有助推展中医药更进一步发展。


The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine won by pharmacist Tu Youyou will help boost the development of traditional Chinese medicines, according to a senior health official.卫生部一位高级官员回应,药剂师屠呦呦取得诺贝尔生理或医学奖有助推展中医药更进一步发展。Tu, from the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, was due to receive the award on Thursday in Stockholm, Sweden, for her discovery of artemisinin, a TCM that can cure malaria.来自中国医药科学院的屠呦呦, 因其找到青蒿素,一种可以化疗疟疾的中药,周四在瑞典的斯德哥尔摩,被颁发诺贝尔奖。Her success has led to a promising approach to the modernization and development of TCM through science and technology, said Cao Hongxin, the science and technology chief of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.曹洪欣,传统中医药国家管理局科学技术主管,她的顺利使通过科学和技术发展中医药及使其现代化显得前景一片光明。

Cao used to be head of the academy.曹过去曾是学院主任。Using a pioneering low-temperature method, Tu and her team-first extracted artemisinin from a sweet wormwood plant more than 40 years ago. Their efforts have saved tens of thousands of lives each year.贼和她的团队用于一个开创性的低温方法,首先从有数40多年的青蒿植物中萃取出有青蒿素。他们的希望使得每年成千上万人的生命以求解救。


Cao said Tu was inspired by many ancient classic works on TCM touting sweet wormwood as a candidate for the development of an antimalarial drug.曹说道贼的启发来自古老的经典中医学,其讥讽将青蒿作为抗疟药发展的最合适药材。Her success demonstrates that TCM... has to embrace modern technologies and laboratory tools and, more important, stick to the essence of the time-honored medical science, he said.她的顺利证明了“中医药…包括了现代技术和实验室设备,更加最重要的是,保有了了历史悠久的医药科学的精髓”他说道。A simple application of Western medical standards to TCM won’t work, he said, calling for more research and standards for TCM.他说道,“对中医药而言,西方医学标准的非常简单应用于将不起作用,”他敦促对中医药更好的研究和标准。

He cited as an example that the international standards for acupuncture needles and the use of ginseng have been set by China.他提到了一个例子,即中国针灸针和人参的用于的国际标准。Cao said Tu’s Nobel Prize will prompt more basic scientific research into ancient TCM texts and ways to explore research findings.曹教授说道,诺贝尔奖将推展更好的基础科学研究走出古代中医文献以及探寻研究找到的方法之中。China spends more than 1 billion yuan ($156 million) annually on TCM-related research, and that investment will be further strengthened, Cao said.曹说道,中国每年在中医药涉及的研究上花费多达10亿元(1.56亿美元),“这一投资将更进一步强化”。

Deepened research with the help of modern technology will lead to the modernization of TCM, he said.“在现代技术的协助下深化研究,将造成中医药现代化。”他说道。But he added that much remains to be done, particularly practicing innovation when using TCM theories, studying old TCM texts and transforming or commercializing research findings.但他补足说道,仍有许多工作要做到,尤其是用于中医理论时的实践中创意,自学老中医文献以及研究成果的转型或商业化。

He said this work will be listed in China’s 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20) for TCM, and his administration is working on it.他说道,这项工作被佩在中国中医第十三个五年计划表格上(2016-20),他的职责乃是致力于这件事。In five years, the use of TCM will be further explored in the rehabilitation, prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, chronic liver infections and diabetes, he said.他说道,在五年内,中医药的应用于将更进一步探究艾滋病毒/艾滋病、慢性肝病和糖尿病的康复、防治和化疗问题。



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